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Give Yourself the Time you Need During the Holidays

December 1st, 2014 • Posted by Nail and Skin Day Spa • Permalink

As soon as the Halloween candy hits the bottom of the bag, the holiday season goes into full swing. These party-going, mall-hopping, gift-wrapping and in-law-tolerating days increase stress and zap energy. Instead of suffering through another stressful holiday hustle, this year schedule some me-time.

Me-time means setting aside moments reserved for you. This is a time to address your spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical needs. Scheduling me-time immediately makes you the priority. Instead of trying to squeeze in a breather months from now, build your cookie exchanges, offices parties, holiday shopping and household decorating around your me-time.

Keep in mind spas and other wellness related businesses are busiest during the holidays. This means appointments are scarce for those who wait until the last minute. Already stressed, nothing increases the blood pressure more than desperately wanting a deep tissue massage and having to settle for a mini-facial.

So, how do you schedule me-time? First think about how you spend your time during the holidays. What stresses you out? What things do you feel like you miss out on most? Do your muscles get tense? Energy level fall flat? Once youíve assessed your needs, schedule the time to address them. Just knowing you have a relaxing spa treatment† scheduled will help take the edge off.

Tired and lacking energy? Try booking a spa-day during the holidays. This could include a mini-facial, 30-minute massage and manicure. If the day spa has a spa meal menu, treat yourself to a healthy lunch or nutritious smoothie packed with energy boosters.

Worried about making a good impression at the office party? Book a professional makeup appointment, blow dry and style a few hours before the event. Be sure to tell the makeup artist how you will be wearing your hair and the color of your outfit. Again, just knowing you have this scheduled will relax you.

The pressure of completing work or projects before taking off for a holiday vacation can also bring on stress. Try to schedule a mid-day spa treatment or yoga class to relieve tension. Youíll return to work more relaxed and better able to focus.

Even hair appointments provide an opportunity to schedule in some me-time. Ask for an extra scalp massage during the shampoo or request a deep protein condition treatment to bring life to overstressed tresses.

To reduce the pressure brought on by visiting relatives, why not book a day at the spa for mom or the mother-in-law? This scores you brownie points and gets her out of your house. Now thatís some serious me-time.

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